Visitor registration made easy and smart!

Contactless visitor registration
- Safe for everyone!

Contactless and safe

Visitors check in using their own mobile devices and avoid the traditional tablets, keyboards and pens at the reception.

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First impressions last

And cool impressions last even longer! Your company presents itself as a modern and professional facility - even before the meeting starts.

Streamline processes

Easy pre-registration, smooth check-in, automatic host notification, live updates for receptionists – so simple you won’t believe it.

Plug'n play

BmyGuest is an online SaaS solution and your company can be up and running in 2 minutes – really, it’s that simple! BmyGuest comes as a full package including software, printer, QR boards for the reception, etc.

How it works


Scan a QR code and the log-in screen will open in the phone's default browser

Step 1

Fill in

Fill in required information and choose the host directly on the phone

Step 2

All done

A visitor badge is printed, and the host is automatically notified

Step 3

BmyGuest remembers you

Pre-registered visitors with a BmyGuest account simply scan the QR code with their phone, or just click “check-in” on the phone screen! The rest happens automatically! Pretty amazing, right?



For the company



Contactless and safe


Overview of all visitors at your facilities and fast emergency notification to all when needed


Customized and informative emails to visitors 24 hours before meeting start


Fully GDPR-compliant


For the receptionist


Welcome all visitors professionally

You’ll be prepared and recognize visitors when they arrive

Fast and easy check-in

Visitor does the check-in in seconds on their own smartphone

Automatic host notification

No need to write, call or look for hosts

Simple dashboard and full overview

So simple, and yet so powerful


For the host


Pre-registration made easy

Done from the meeting invitation

Be prepared

See a photo of who’s coming

Automatic host notification

Pling – your guest has arrived!

Connect easily

Connect via Linked-in with a single click


For the visitor


Contactless and safe

Self-registration via own smartphone

Register only once

BmyGuest remembers you and check-in takes less than 5 seconds

Connect easily

Connect with your fellow meeting attendees and hosts

Pricing – fair and simple

All types of businesses need to register visitors. And with COVID-19 spreading across the world it is more important than ever.
Pricing is per location and varies depending on the maximum number of monthly visitors.

Starting at
100 visitors

per location / month

Access to all basic features

Azure AD integration

Host notifications

Parking provider integration

Support and software updates

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A plan for everyone

BmyGuest works for businesses of all sizes and shapes. Get in touch with us and we will find the plan that works for you.

Access to all basic features

Integration to access control systems

Catering administration

Lend & Lease module

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Can I use BmyGuest across multiple locations and countries?

Yes. BmyGuest allows a company to add all of it's locations and receptions - also locations located in different countries and timezones.


What is a location and what is a reception?

In BmyGuest a location and a reception is the same thing. One office building with two entrances/receptions will appear as two locations.


How do I upload and maintain the host list?

You can create a host manually or you can upload a csv-file with all hosts. BmyGuest can read hosts from your Microsoft Active Directory by using our Azure AD app. Configuring the Azure AD app takes only 5 minutes.


Can I use BmyGuest at an unmanned reception or entrance?

Yes. Visitors check in by scanning the unique QR-code at the entrance with their smartphone. The host is automatically notified.


Does BmyGuest support visitor badge printing?

Yes. If you need to print visitor badges we will supply you with a badge printer.

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